June’s Choice

The location promotion initiative June’s Choice is a project of VisualContext. The aim of June’s Choice is to make shops that sell selected products with passion more visible and to promote local entrepreneurs who offer unique shopping experiences: With a platform presenting a curated selection of shops (for the time being) in Zurich and a corresponding regular newsletter.

June’s Choice is all about shops like John Baker, which procures its ingredients sustainably from the region and bakes its bread in the house. Or Soeder and Berg und Tal Marktladen, which act as a link to local producers who are otherwise difficult to find because they are not so easy to shop on the Internet. With our project we want to make it easier for the conscious shopper to find out when it is worth going into town.

In cooperation with Anthrazit AG we have developed a mobile application for iPhone, iWatch and Android. With the help of this app, the small fine shops in Zurich are easier to find, because it can automatically send a notification when an exciting shop is just around the next corner.

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