Alain Leclerc von Bonin

Alain Leclerc von Bonin worked in Paris and London. He supports companies as head of design. His strength lies in making business value visible through his design. Many of his works have received awards, and he is a member of the Red Dot Award jury. He teaches at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. LinkedIn, vCard, Pinterest
Alain Leclerc von Bonin

June von Bonin

As a software engineer and as a graduate business computer scientist (Dipl Inf Unizh) June von Bonin supports and realises IT projects with project management, programming and digital marketing. With her strategic and analytical thinking, she is quick to see inefficiencies and conceptualise new solutions, as well as improve systems and processes. She is CTO at Ecoo AG. – LinkedIn
June von Bonin


Many of our projects are the result of a collaborative effort with specialists and agencies. This is made possible by network of experts, advisors, and friends. Some of them are:
Anthony McCarthy, Entrepreneur
Adrian W. Müller, Consulting
Andreas Amsler, Data Expert
Bitforge, Web Development Agency
Bruno Pedro Mettler, Consulting
Christian Schwengeler, Entrepreneur
Christoph Schifferli, Entrepreneur
Daniel Diemers, Consulting
Daniel Meister, Data Scientist
Hannes Gassert, Entrepreneur
Harald Taglinger, Marketing
Isabelle Bentz, Academia
Iwan Negro, Design
Florian Ziegler, Frontend Development
Liip, Web Development Agency
Luc Haldimann, Entrepreneur
Marc Rinderknecht, Frontend Development
Marcel Altherr, Consulting
Marcos Garcia Pedraza, Entrepreneur
Martin Steiger, Law
Martina Anderberg, Consulting
Mathias Aebi, Entrepreneur
Michael Hinderling, Design Agency
Michael Volkart, Design Agency
Networking, Web Development Agency
Paul Hacker, Angel Investor
René Keller, Frontend Development
Roger Spindler, Academia
Stefanie Müller, Brand Management
Taktil Software GmbH, App Development
Thomas Wolfram, Branding
Urs Bucher, Marketing
Vivek Anand, Business Development
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