Liip is one of the leading Swiss web agencies. Technologies, which shows the expertise of the company, have being consciously used for updating its corporate design.

The task of a corporote identity (CI) is to convey the state and activities of the company. In order to implement this in a contemporary way, real time data and data visualisation have being incorporated into the visual appearance.

The more important the data, the larger it is displayed. It is thus obvious on what Liip is focusing at the moment. For business context datasets of “Facts and Figures” are used, and for the “techy” context, those of tech subjects and company culture.

The aim was not to claim in an idealised marketing-lingo but to prove those claims with real data. Honesty and transparency inspire trust better than an idealised portrayal, which Liip consciously displays with the data visualisation.

Also for the CI redesign media application have being designed to illustrate the technical competence of Liip. One of the design concepts was to project the data visualisation with current company processes to the walls of Liip’s rooms, so as to visualise internally and in a transparent manner the data that interests employees.

The project was realised in collaboration with Liip and several partners such as Karakter (print) and Beat Schweizer (photos).
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