Purpose in Business

Digital-Shift Interview with Svetlana Baurens
Founder and CEO of Galileo

If you’re a highly engaged person, you want to work for a company that is just as committed.

Svetlana is the founder of the NGO Galileo International Investment Centre. Galileo’s mission is to raise awareness about sustainablility and impact investing. An associated platform connects investors with impact startups, impact ventures, and experts. As a banking expert with many years of experience in the banking and finance industry, Svetlana serves as a coach as well as a lecturer.

Ideally, there’s a way to match people with the perfect employer, meaning that if you’re a highly engaged person, you want to work for someone who has the same level of commitment. Especially in the past months and year, there’s a shift in how people are thinking and they want to work for something that makes sense for them.

We need to find new ways of doing business.We can’t leave markets alone. This thinking is outdated. If the government can set the guidelines and supports impact investment, the whole market is more beneficial for all the market players.

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