Purpose in Business

Digital-Shift Interview with Nick Beglinger
Co-founder of Cleantech21 Foundation

The economist Nick Beglinger initiated the business association Swiss Cleantech after been prompted by former federal council Doris Leuthard. After the Paris climate conference, he decided it’s not enough to concentrate on only Switzerland but the questions he wants to tackle are global. His approach is to apply a mix of technology and politics to reach the targets set.

If companies incorporate impact into their way of doing business, they will see how the bottom line benefits. If you look at the ratings of companies listed on the stock market, you will detect a correlation of their performance with how aware these are about these issues. The reasons are because these companies not only address questions about impact but they have the best management teams. The stock exchange ratings point to evidence that contradict the old belief that companies have to forego profit if they care about impact.

This not only applies to companies but also to nations. If countries develop regulations and policies for sustainability they gain a competitive edge.

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