Purpose in Business

Digital-Shift Interview with David Vasella
Partner at Walder Wyss Ltd.

David is an attorney at law and a partner at the law firm Walder Wyss Ltd. He heads the technology IP group and specialises in data protection, IT security, and IT contracts. In his function, he advises the clients of the law firm in the aforementioned fields in relation to their business models.

Businesses along with their business models have more far-reaching impact then the leadership and investors expect. When a investors consider investing in a company, they scrutinise the business model from the angle of long term viability. That is, they look at the business if it might encounter pushback further down the road from users, the political arena, and lastly regulators. All of these can impact the business and incur costs.

Creating a level playing field by the way of regulations is absolutely accepted. Then there are companies who go above and beyond these regulations. They see it as part of their business model: If they go beyond the minimum requirements set out by the regulations, they can achieve higher user acceptance and thus earn more. However, if we as a society agree that certain behaviours shouldn’t be acceptable, then it’s a case for setting new policies and regulations.

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