Communication is a tool to alleviate uncertainty

Darko Butina is currently a member of the management board of one of the largest software development companies in Switzerland, Netcetera, and investor in startups like Cognism.

In unstable countries or regions, regardless if there is an ongoing crisis, people and businesses alike are forced to live with and cope with uncertainty.

For businesses, clear communication is a valuable tool that should be used to explain in which direction the company is going and how the management is steering it. This will help people who want to know how where the company is currently, understand the situation. People then can start to build trust.

Three notable frameworks have proven in any situation, not only in unstable times:

  • Observe the morality of one’s actions. This helps to lead a stable life and sleep well.
  • Adhere to transparency so that your employees know what the situation is, what the company is planning, and how to get there.
  • Sitting out a crisis usually does not work. One should work proactively towards resolving the issues.

Update 20 October 2020

In the meantime, Darko has started with DG180 his own company. DG180 helps companies unlock additional value in their business model, capabilities and offering by providing consulting and advisory services and solutions focusing on strategy, M&A and management sounding board support.

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