ETH Tech Trends Workshop

The ETH University Communication was looking for new impulses on what would be possible with current and new technology. The brief for the tech trends workshop of Mike Hubmann and Simon Zogg was to give the communication department new ideas and take it out of its day-to-day business and incremental development cycles. The workshop was designed to create an inspiring environment that would enable participants to break out of their daily routines.

Together we explored the questions of how ETH should deal with the very fragmented media landscape, whether and how the logic of the API economy can be applied to ETH’s distributed publishing landscapes, and how AI can be used to personalise information. We discussed whether APIs can be used to generate newsfeeds, publications and platforms, or whether Web3 can provide platforms for reproducible science.

In the group work, it quickly became clear which areas could be addressed so that results could be achieved quickly. It also crystallised which new technologies allow the essential and strategic goals of ETH to be implemented significantly better.
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