Consulting for digital products development

In digital product development, you are faced with many uncertainties. Thanks to our involvement in many award-winning digital projects, we can provide guidance on how to digitise services. Since we’re makers ourselves, we can give you proven and actionable advice on how to conceive an idea through to realising the projects.
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Research market potential

Before you invest in a startup or start implementing an expensive digital product, it’s reasonable to research its market potential beforehand. We can help you investigate

  • if its the right time to start the project in the given space?
  • if the proposed technical solutions are solid or just hyped up?
  • if a simple product can be built that will satisfy a need in the market?
  • where and how can value be generated?
The answers to these questions will help you avoid investing in the wrong ventures.
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Rapid prototyping for product owners

Once you have a general vision of a digital product we help you validate its resonance in the market. With rapid prototyping, we can assess if the market is ready to pay for the product you want to offer, while not wasting your resources in building a solution that nobody wants. With this approach, we can speed up significantly the process of achieving product-market fit.
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Digital product design

Complex problems don’t need to be daunting, but can be turned into simple and elegant solutions users care about. We can help you in conceptualising your idea, choosing the right technology, creating human-centred UI/UX Design, and guiding the implementation. For us, digital product design has to be aesthetic, functional, and create value.
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Branding and corporate communication

We make the value you offer visible, by making your communication memorable and clear. With the creative use of modern technology, we create solutions that make your uniqueness palpable. For many companies, we’re a one-stop-shop for them to realise all communication media. We provide creative direction, conception, and design for branding, UI/UX design, web design, videos, data visualisation, generative design, and creative media use. Our work ranges from passion projects to managing the entire visual communication of a company. Many of our projects have won design awards.
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Digital marketing

With how important and accessible the internet is today, would you believe it if you heard the number of people who go online is still increasing? Did you also know that more than three-quarters of Americans use the internet every day? And according to the same research, 26% are almost constantly online.

It should be clear for everyone: Digital marketing is on the rise. You have to be there where your audience is. This far digital marketing agrees with traditional marketing. But compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is an entirely new undertaking that needs new ways of approaching your audience and of understanding how they behave.
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